Mission Statement

The Society of Design Administration advances management and administrative professionals in the A/E/C industry through education, networking, and resources.

SDA – Your Resource for Growth!

What is the purpose of SDA?

SDA’s purpose is to advance management and administrative professionals in the A/E/C industry through education, networking, leadership, and resources. SDA is an elite organization that addresses the issues and concerns of its members, and educates them in all aspects of firm administration.

Why should I join SDA?

To Learn, Lead and Make a Difference. Strengthening and advancing your administrative or managerial career is dependent on many variables today. Top among them are your ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently, development of your leadership skills, and staying on top of current trends and information.

Problem-Solving Resource 

Whether you’re new to the industry and uncertain how best to accomplish an industry-specific task or are an experienced high-level manager looking for best ideas on implementing a new protocol, efficiency in finding the right solution are paramount to your success and that of your firm. SDA’s resources can help save you hours in research and lead you quickly to viable solutions that save you and your firm time and money.

The SDA Forum is the premier administrative problem-solving resource in the A/E/C industry. Putting the combined knowledge and experience of SDA members across the country at your fingertips, the Forum gets your questions and needs in front of them instantly and lets you get answers and ideas back quickly. Why re-create a form or process when someone else has already created and honed one that works? Why take a chance on leasing new equipment that may look good on paper but that others in the industry have found to be lacking? SDA’s Forum gives you the answers you need when you need them.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Every professional can benefit from leadership development. By maximizing the effectiveness of your leadership skills, you and your entire organization and network of associates reap the benefits.

Cultivate your leadership skills by getting involved in SDA. You can volunteer to serve on chapter committees or your chapter’s board of directors, write a white paper, get published by writing an article for SDA Today, and share you knowledge and area of expertise by hosting a program for your local chapter.

Be a leader in your community and get involved in community based volunteer programs such as Canstruction®, Kidstruction and other programs sponsored by local SDA chapters.

Educational Opportunities & Resources

Continuing education not only helps you keep up with industry best practices, it helps keep you relevant in a marketplace where a highly skilled and specialized workforce is in demand. SDA also offers a diverse and vast array of resources and ongoing educational opportunities thr

Who can join SDA?

Anyone who is employed as managerial or administrative personnel in the A/E/C industry or anyone whose products or services support the industry. (Examples: Office manager, controller, marketing coordinator, CFO, receptionist, project administrator)

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How Do I Join SDA?

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